Various stunningly engineered laptops has put system integrators into somewhat of a challenge; heightened consumer expectations are so that it’s no extended merely a case of cramming powerful components into an on-the-shelf Clevo body. There’s a growing wish for all-metal construction, thin users and stylish looks, and if a person want to pour money into establishing chassis of your personal, what do you do?

Scan Personal computers has shopped around for something a little different to the norm and contains formed an alliance with Chinese manufacturer TongFang, whose GK5CN6Z barebone enclosure serves as the foundation for the 3XS LG15 Vengeance Pro.
Designed to “deliver smooth frame rates in the hardest to run games on its high quality 1, 920×1, 080 panel, ” this 15. 6in gaming laptop pairs a latest-generation Intel Core i7-8750H processor with Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 graphics at a £1, 400 price point. The components are a sensible pairing and it’s nice to see Scan trying something new; as far as we can tell this is the first TongFang-based machine to reach UK shores.

Display bezels on the top and sides are suitably thin – albeit the bottom area looks sparse with no form of branding – however the hinge isn’t as strong as we’d like and fast typing results in a little of wobble. It’s also hard work keeping the laptop looking like new. The very-black paintwork has a nice Razer-like sheen to it at the beginning, but it doesn’t take long for it to gather dirt and fingerprints that are highly noticeable after only a day’s use.

As is the case with most PC gaming hardware, RGB lighting is in plentiful supply. The keyboard has good illumination and decent software customisation options, though we aren’t overly keen on the light bar illuminating the laptop’s front edge; it’s of no practical use other than to be distracting and can thankfully be turned off via the bundled app.

Gaming laptops require a suitable display and Scan has settled on a 15. 6in IPS panel from Chimei. Offering a 1, 920×1, 080 resolution, the matte-finish display provides a standard 60Hz refresh rate, wide viewing angles and, as the benchmarks will reveal, ample brightness and accurate out-the-box colours.

A decent all-rounder whose resolution must be a safe match for the GTX 1060 GRAPHICS, though there are some caveats; our review trial has noticeable indications of backlight bleed in the sides; and there’s no approach to a touchscreen. Gamers might not exactly lament the latter, but for people who have become accustomed to touchscreen display laptops, you miss the capacity to reach out and understand. Within the plus side, the downward-firing speaker system provides a surprising punch and is more than satisfactory for everyday use and occasional music.


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