Finding the perfect gifts for our family and friends isn’t always easy, especially for the gadget-loving people in our lives.

But with Christmas fast-approaching, the pressure is on. So, if you aren’t technologically inclined but have techies to please, here are five great products that’ll fit right in under your tree. The best part? They all give back to great causes!

1. LSTN Satellite Speaker
lstn speaker
Not only does this beautifully crafted Bluetooth speaker let you take your music wherever you go, but it helps make a difference for the deaf community! LSTN Sound Co. donates a portion of its proceeds to the Starkey Hearing Foundation, which gives hearing aids to people in need.

2. Cupanion Water Bottle
cupanion water bottle

Every time you refill a Cupanion product, the company gives clean water to a person in need. Each bottle comes with a bar code tag that connects to the “Fill it Forward app,” through which users can track how many times they’ve refilled and the amount of water that’s been donated. You can even just buy a sticker with a bar code and slap it on to your favorite water bottle at home! So far, the company has given over 4 million cups of water.

3. Product (RED) iPhone 11 Pro Case
red iphone case
We all have that family member or friend who has to have the latest iPhone. So consider helping them protect it with a Product (RED) case. The brand is well-known for raising awareness and funds through the sale of its products to help eliminate HIV/AIDS.

(Pro tip: When buying through Amazon, give back even more by visiting AmazonSmile to check out. Amazon will make a donation to your favorite charitable organization with each purchase.)

4. WeWOOD Kappa Watch
we wood kappa watch
Not only are these slick watches incredibly stylish, they’re also good for the planet! For every timepiece purchased, WeWOOD plants a tree in collaboration with Trees For The Future. So far, they’ve planted over 600,000 trees and hope to reach their goal of 1 million by 2020.

5. UNICEF Kid Power Band
unicef kid power band
We’d be remiss if we forgot the kiddos! Called a “Fitbit for kids,” the Kid Power Band helps children track their steps and movement. It comes with a free companion app where kids can learn about other cultures and make their activities count. The more they move, the more food packets UNICEF delivers to severely malnourished children.


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