Here are my top smart gadgets for making sure your place stays sparkling.

Shark IF130UKTH

Good for allergies and pet-owners alike, this cordless model converts from a floor vacuum to a hand-held for furniture and stairs. The neck has a bendy section that’s brilliant for getting under the sofa, too. Only lasts 30 minutes on a charge but you can get spare batteries and charge them outside the vacuum.

Braava Jet m6

This robot can both sweep and mop, using electrostatic force to pick up dust and hair on the dry sweeping mode, and a precision jet spray to tackle stains and grease on the wet mopping mode. It uses smart mapping to see where it’s going, and to help you decide where you’d like it to mop. It can also work with the Roomba s9+ (right) to vacuum first.

GTech HyLite

This lightweight vac is ideal for quick fixes and folds down for easy storage. You can use it upright or hand-held, and since it’s cordless, sorting out the biscuit crumbs feels effortless — as long as you remember to charge it! The battery lasts 20 minutes, so not one for doing the whole house, but great to have on hand.

Roomba s9+

This insanely sophisticated robot vacuum can empty itself into the included Clean Base, so you don’t have to do anything for weeks. It has 3D mapping for efficient cleaning, gets right into the corners and promises 40 times more suction than previous models. It can even work with the Braava Jet (left) to mop after hoovering.

Eufy RoboVac 15C Max

The RoboVac line is superb, and the latest upgrade provides a bigger bin, stronger suction and 100 minutes of hoovering. It’s slimmer and quieter than many, and a fair bit cheaper. Plus it works with Alexa and Google Home and has a remote for when you don’t feel like talking to robots.

AirCraft PowerGlide

I will never mop again. PowerGlide’s two rotating, machine-washable pads clean and buff hard floors to a beautiful shine, while you spray water and cleaning products directly from the refillable tank. It’s quiet, cordless and requires no elbow grease at all. Cleans for 40 minutes on a charge.

Coral One

This ingenious robot vacuum has a hand-held built in, so when it’s zipping around the house doing its thing and you spy a dusty skirting board or mucky stair, you can fix it on the spot. Ideally, future robots will do this bit too, but until they have arms, it can at least map your home for maximum efficiency.



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