The final episode of Game of Thrones aired last week, much to the dismay of fans around the world.

But if you’re already missing the hit TV series, there’s a new way for you bring Game of Thrones back into your life.

Luxury phone case company, Caviar , has revealed a Game of Thrones-themed Samsung Galaxy Fold case.

The folding case resembles a book, and is inspired by ‘The Winds of Winter’ – the highly-anticipated book by George Martin.

With a pretty gaudy design made from gold, the phone case isn’t exactly subtle.

Caviar explained: “The volumetric design on the front and back side of the ‘flexible’ smartphone contains heraldic images of the great houses from the Seven Kingdoms as well as the figures of scaring dragons and palace towers.

“On the panel of black composite only there is an engraved map of Westeros.

“The screen on the front side is literally embraced by a golden bas-relief, while the thematic ‘wallpaper’ is decorated with the book title expected by the entire world.”

With a predominantly gold design, unsurprisingly, the phone case comes with an eye-watering price tag of £6,100.52!

That price also doesn’t factor in the hefty cost of the phone itself, which will retail at £1,800.

That means, should you fancy buying the phone and Game of Thrones case, you’ll need to save £7,900.52…*gulp*.

Samsung announced the Galaxy Fold smartphone back in Febraury, and it was originally scheduled to go on sale in the UK on 3 May.

However, Samsung was forced to delay the launch, after several journalists found issues with review units. The tech giant is yet to reveal the updated timeline.


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