Intel is known for the CPUs, nevertheless , the company is planning to enter into the GPU market as it is already working on a discrete GPU of their own, nevertheless , nothing is known about the GPU but we have received our first look at Intel discrete GPU model but, you will find a catch.

Typically the Intel discrete GPU modele we are referring to is not the the one which Intel has been working on however it the model is made for Intel Larrabee which was canceled years in the past by the company.

Typically the canceled Intel Larrabee has not been only a GPU but was also capable to serve as a CENTRAL PROCESSING UNIT with 61 quad-threaded induration. Despite being a powerful GPU, for some reason, Intel saw it fit to cancel the job.

As explained by Linus, Intel didn’t see any value in further buying Intel Larrabee as at one point it got 4 separate teams working on it.
According to the report, Intel has completed the first period of the development of its discrete GPUs and are now preparing for a major reveal and start of the Intel Under the radar GPU.


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