Dead devices are useless, and a scenario in which you beg the bartender to let you use her charger are totally avoidable. Portable chargers should live in your purse or wallet in case of dire circumstances. Here’s a list of the best power banks to keep you charged in most situations.

Attom Tech 2500mAh battery

1. A charger for your wallet

For an emergency charge on the go, Attom Tech’s 2500mAh battery fits in your wallet. It weighs 0.15 pounds, has a built-in microUSB charger, and includes a Lightning cable adapter. It will give most phones a single full charge and you don’t have to worry about bringing an external USB cable.

Anker PowerCore 5000

2. The compact PowerCore

Sometimes you need a charger that’s portable and light enough to stick in your pocket or throw in your over-stuffed backpack. Anker’s lipstick-shaped PowerCore 5000 can charge your smartphone twice and weighs under 5 ounces. Bring it on your next beach trip or day-long hike.

Ruipu Direct 2,400mAh power bank

3. The solar power bank

The Rolisa power bank can charge your smartphone up to seven times, and includes three USB ports, an emergency two-LED flashlight, and a solar panel on top. If you’re going to be in the sun, you might as well stay charged.

Mophie PD XL

4. PD XL

For most smartphones, the Mophie PD XL doles out half a charge in about 30 minutes. The 10,050 mAh battery can provide almost 24 hours of extra juice for your smartphone. It features both USB-C and USB-A ports. It weighs a little more than a half pound and is only 4 inches long, making it pretty portable.

Anker PowerCore+ 19000 PD

5. PowerCore+ 19000 PD

Anker’s 19,200 mAh PowerCore+ 19000 PD is a dual smartphone and laptop portable charger. It can charge an iPhone X about 4.5 times or provide one full charge for a MacBook Pro via USB-C. The 27-watt charger has three ports—one USB-C and two USB-A—that can simultaneously charge your devices at the fastest speeds possible. What’s cool about this particular charger is that while you are charging your laptop via USB-C, you can still use the USB-A ports to plug in external hard drives for transfer data. The battery comes with a 30-watt USB-C wall charger and can re-juice in 3.5 hours.

Mophie Juice Pack Access

6. Juice Pack Access

If you’re in the market for a smartphone battery case, go with Mophie’s polycarbonate Juice Pack Access option, which is also built to withstand drops. Their iPhone Xs Max case increases your phone’s battery to 31 hours of talking time or up to 81 hours of music playback. The case charges wirelessly, so it doesn’t obstruct you from any of your phone’s features or use of the Lightning Port. It can be recharged wirelessly or using a Micro-USB cord.

Mophie also has options for iPhone Xs and X as well as the Galaxy Note 9 and Note 9+.

RAVPower 27,000mAh power bank

7. 27,000mAh power bank

RAVPower’s 85-watt, 27,000mAh power bank is a powerful portable battery—it can charge an iPhone X just under six times. It weighs a bit under three pounds, so you likely won’t be casually throwing this into your purse or day bag, but it does have a 3-prong AC outlet to charge laptops, one USB-C port, and two USB-A ports. It lets you charge up to three devices at once. On the side are LEDs that indicate the battery life, so you don’t have to guess how much charging power is left. It also has air vents to keep the battery from overheating.

Omnicharge Omni 20

8. A small charger that packs a wallop

The Omni 20 is compact, but packs a huge power punch. The 20,400mAh power bank weighs only 1.39 pounds and can charge anything from a DSLR camera to a drone. There are two USB ports, a 120-volt three-prong wall socket, and an OLED screen that tells you how much battery is left and the device’s internal temperature. There are 11 internal temperature sensors to keep it from overheating.


9. The multitool that recharges itself

The RIVER is able to charge a phone over thirty times, a laptop up to nine times, or a portable projector for more than ten hours. The 500-watt generator holds a charge for up to a year—making it a great temporary generator for emergency situations. It boasts eleven charging ports including four USB ports, two USB-C ports, and two three-prong outlets. If you pair it with their solar-charger panel, the generator can recharge itself within 15 hours.

For the EcoFlow River bundle, go here. It comes with a 50-watt solar panel and padded case.

APC 1500 900-watt uninterruptible power supply

10. Uninterruptible power supply

This 900-watt UPS—uninterruptible power supply—backup battery and surge protector is a clutch power device that will prevent you from losing unsaved work, keep your video games from shutting off, or even give you a couple of extra minutes to finish the end of your movie. While functioning at 100 watts, this 10-outlet UPS gives over an hour of extra battery life and will display how much battery life is left on its LED screen. Five of the outlets run off the backup battery and the other five are just for the surge protector. The devices comes with a three-year warranty.


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